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FRP GRP Profiles


Advantages of FRP Profile compared to traditionally used profile examples:

Corrosion Resistance - FRP Profile resists corrosion from seawater, chemicals, oil, gas, heat, UV rays and extreme environmental conditions.
Sustainability - The end product of our composite profile line contributes to the sustainability of construction, enabling the industry to move towards greener solutions.
Strength/Light Weight - High strength enables fiberglass profiles to resist vibration and other internal and external forces. FRP profiles are lightweight compared to ductile iron, mild steel, aluminium and HDPE profiles. Lightweight for easy handling, transport and installation. These qualities make FRP profiles more durable, reliable and economical than traditional examples.
Customized options – for almost every possible industrial requirement.
No contamination - FRP profiles do not rust and therefore have zero environmental impact.
Minimal maintenance and repairs - Longer life expectancy eliminates additional costs associated with repairs.


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